Intro Retro&Nodes is a community of like-minded individuals where everyone can discover new directions in crypto.
Intro Retro&Nodes is a community of like-minded individuals where everyone can discover new directions in crypto.

What does Retro&Nodes consist of?

Themed threads in Discord that will help you understand and stay updated on all the best activities in the crypto sphere.
Topic branches
Regular updates on current activities and new opportunities in themed threads dedicated to drops, ICO/IDO, free activities, nodes, and much more.
Topic branches Topic branches
Online sessions
The server regularly hosts streams discussing current activities, strategies for executing them, and evaluating their prospects.
Online sessions Online sessions
Unifies ecosystem
The server gathers all the current updates on projects, as well as a unified Notion with step-by-step guides and project breakdowns.
Unifies ecosystem Unifies ecosystem
Chat support
In our chat threads, we offer prompt solutions to your questions, help resolve issues, and share valuable tips.
Chat support Chat support

Do you still have questions?

I'm a beginner in the field of retro and nodes, will your server be suitable for me?
By joining the Intro R&N community, you will receive 5 free lessons to get started in this field.
What What advantages will I gain by joining the server?I do if I have a limited deposit to start?
You will have access to themed channels with all the current activities in selected projects, collected in a single Notion to access each at any time. Additionally, regular updates and refreshes will ensure you get all important events.
What should I do if I have a limited deposit to start?
Many activities do not require significant investments or are completely free.
How much time will it take to achieve the first results?
The field of drops and nodes is not about instant profit, but with the right approach, it can bring significant returns over time.
I don't have any technical skills to set up nodes, what should I do?
No special skills are required for this. All guides and introductory materials are specifically written for beginners. Additionally, our specialists are always available to help with any questions.
How much time per day do I need to dedicate?
Everything depends on the scale you aim for. A few hours a day will be enough for potential profit in the mid-term.
End of enrollment 15.06
After registration, you will receive an invitation to the Discord server, where you will find

  • Topic threads

  • Online sessions

  • Support in chat

  • 5 free lessons

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