Results of Workshop: Backtest V.4

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04 October 2023
Results: Backtest V.4

There are no bad traders; there are only those who simply haven't learned to understand their trading and follow what they do best. Each participant who joined our workshop had a unique foundation. Some already had experience in trading on financial markets, others had gone through several different training programs, but unfortunately never achieved the desired results.

It doesn't matter how they got to us - there are only two key aspects that need to be adjusted to level out the difficulties in progressing and improving their skills.

💻 Practice

🧠 Psychology

That is why we have created such a product as WORKSHOP:BACKTEST, which aims to provide maximum practical experience in the shortest possible time, work out problematic aspects of psychology, analyze emerging doubts, and build confidence in your trading approach.

In addition, our workshop helps participants pass the challenge to a prop company and get a funded account.

Our previous WORKSHOP:BACKTEST stream, number 4, offered unique tools and techniques based on proven strategies that allow you to effectively analyze the market and make informed trading decisions. We are proud that our students have achieved outstanding results and feel confident in their trading.


We work in three areas: Forex, Crypto, Index.
For the first time, for the convenience of our students, we chose the format of working on a separate Discrod server. This had a very positive effect on the quality of work.
The first month:

24 training conferences in three areas with our traders: Garry, Solva, Vlad Gap, Coba, D-Trader, and Vlad Vim.

Week 1: familiarization with each trader's trading system.

Weeks 2-4: backtests. Full elaboration of the algorithm of actions, testing the trading system in practice. Daily support in the working chat.

The second month:

Assistance in passing the challenge for obtaining funding from a prop company:

- daily analytics of all three directions (FX; Crypto; Index);

- full analysis of losing trades at the end of the trading week;

- daily support in the live chat.

What results did traders get after WORKSHOP:BACKTEST 4?

What results did traders get after WORKSHOP:BACKTEST 4?

Some feedback from our discord of Workshop 4

For four streams of Workshop:

More than 100 students passed the challenge and received funded accounts with amounts ranging from $10,000 to $200,000.

We recommend watching video feedback from some of the students to see what results they got and how the Backtest V Workshop went.4👇🏻

Call with students and results of WORKSHOP:BACKTEST 4

The most frequent phrase that was heard in the students' feedback was...

"Do you want to become a successful trader and make money from trading? My recommendation is to go through this format. It will help you solve key problems and master methods that will allow you to finally start making money on the market."

What else did our students say?

Just for you, a short excerpt from the video interview:

I thought for a long time before deciding to study, but after the workshop, my doubts dissipated. The live practice and detailed explanation of the trading system by the lecturers made a real breakthrough for me. My performance has increased, and I did not waste my time. The workshop was exactly what I needed to consolidate my knowledge.

The workshop helped me a lot to understand my mistakes, emotions, and goals. I have watched Harry and Solva's streams dozens of times. Every time I find something new for myself. Harry is not only technically skilled at putting everything on the shelves, but also gives very precise instructions and goals. Solva analyzes situations competently, and I learned from him the sequence of actions. Thank you for such quality training! My goal is to continue developing with you.

I came across a video on YouTube where people left good reviews about the workshop, so I was curious and decided to attend, and I didn't regret it. All my expectations were met, because I'm not new to this industry. I realized that there would be top information and it was worth absorbing. I had 4 funded accounts, now I have 3, but the fourth one was just a treat for the news. One account was 200, the other 100, and the third 10.

If you do the right work at a workshop and don't get lazy, you should see results. I can see from the feedback from the guys - the results are visible. 100%

I tried to trade on my own, but my strategy was failing. I drained all 3 accounts and went to the workshop. As a result, my expectations were more than met, and a different logic of price movement appeared. After that, I became successful in trading. Now I trade indices, I took the full strategy from Gep, and partially from all the traders: Harry, Koba.

In a fast-moving world where there is nothing more stable than the skills you can use to ensure your well-being here and now, the trading profession holds a special place.

Success in trading comes from knowing the markets well and knowing yourself even better.
- Larry Williams

A true trader understands that the key strategies for achieving impressive results are constant development and tireless work on oneself. These approaches not only help you exceed your expectations, but also ensure excellent trading results.

You can watch video feedback from previous workshop streams below: 👇🏻

Calling students Workshop Backtest v.3 short

Call with participants of two workshop:backtest streams

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