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31 December 2023

The year 2023 is slowly coming to an end, so it's time to look back and evaluate the path we've traveled along the way. 2023 will definitely be remembered as a year of significant growth and great challenges. Let's look at this year in numbers!

Agrand start to the year - a 300-person mitap in Warsaw! At the conference we not only shared our vision of the crypto market, but also discussed the regulation of cryptoassets in Ukraine and Poland, ending the meeting with a Q&A session.

We held 3 training streams - 8, 9 and 10!

We finish this year with the 11th training stream, which started in December and 3000 new students who have mastered trading skills and can now earn from anywhere in the world!

In addition to the full-fledged course, we offered everyone to participate in workshops! There were 4 such workshops in 2023, where our mentors showed how to get maximum practical experience in a minimum amount of time, shared the best setups with a 60+% win rate for trading on different markets: crypto, forex and indices, revealed the secrets of passing challenges in a prop company and gave a lot of useful insights to improve trading results! It was great to see how the new product significantly improved the results of the students and brought them to a new level of trading.

We launched 3 offline streams in Kiev! For offline training we have developed a special program! Students enrolled in the offline course were able to fully immerse themselves in the world of trading, get direct work with mentors and exchange experience with like-minded people.

Thanks to the training, more than 525 students received fanded accounts!

What's behind the number 525? The $30+ million dollars managed by our community members!

Just think about it: in just 1 year, 525 people from our community have successfully completed proprietary proprietary Challenges and gained wealth management opportunities. In total, they have taken over $30 million dollars under management. These are not just numbers, but the real result of the efforts and knowledge acquired during the training process. Each of these 525 traders is a success story that demonstrates how the right knowledge, skills and hard work can impact a life.
Now let's walk through the products that came out in 2023!

This year, students showed impressive results, constantly ranking among the top prop companies in terms of overall return to capital. Traders of the Cryptology team have once again shown their effectiveness, making stable results and also getting into the top prop companies.

When summing up the year, one cannot help but mention the trading tournament on the Binance exchange, in which our CEO, Konstantin Kudo, took part. In 3 weeks there were 7,300 teams and 117,000 participants. The tournament was a team tournament, but Kudo took the challenge to try it himself. Results: top 20 teams in the world and income over $900 thousand. More to come!

Cryptology X WhiteBIT

Together with one of Europe's largest crypto exchanges WhiteBIT, we launched a free course for anyone interested in learning about cryptocurrency and trading! Our course has passed 30.000 participants for a year!

Our cooperation with WhiteBIT is not limited to the course, as this year we have entered into a strategic partnership with the exchange and plan to develop the trading industry in our country together! More to come!

Cryptology BASE CAMP

Another brand new free product for studying financial markets, filled with basic knowledge, practical tips, Q&A sessions, and a lot of useful information. 25000 participants have passed through BASE CAMP!

A special offline course for children and teenagers - Cryptology teens! Another free product aimed at teaching financial literacy to children!

Offline school! 2023 was the first year when we opened the doors to offline training and conducted full three streams of training.

We launched an offline club and co-working space! Digital Traders Hub is much more than a channel subscription, as it is where every morning all participants receive a trading brief and plan for the day, a weekly asset breakdown, offline live trading sessions, lectures, AMA sessions with invited guests, as well as workspace and networking at the Cryptology office! 


Cryptology Blog is a new section available on our website. It is where we publish expert articles and materials dedicated to financial markets, trading, macroeconomics and much more. Here you will find complete information on the topics you are interested in, which you would have had to collect on your own from different sources, if it were not for our blog!

What changes have taken place in our team this year?

The total number of our traders has reached 26 people! In 2023, our team has added 3 traders and financial analysts! We are growing and so is our team! And the bigger the team - the more useful products and plushies for you!

The total capital of our team has made X2! Let's tell you in confidence, there are unreal numbers there.

How has our community changed over this year? You can catch Xs not only on investments - there are twice as many of you!

38500 readers in our Telegram channel. By the way, let's stop for a moment on the Telegram channel, because this year we have completely changed its concept: now it is filled with more usefulness for traders: useful materials, expert articles, analysis of deals and macroeconomic indicators, opinions on news and much more.

35000 readers in the author's Telegram channels of our traders. Where they share their thoughts, publish analytics and share the results of their trading.

81000 followers in our Instagram! 
Instagram also continues to progress, increasing its audience and content: here you will find a lot of useful information for both beginners and advanced traders.

65100 is the number of subscribers on our YouTube channel! For 2023 our YouTube channel has been filled with a lot of useful and absolutely free content. There we analyze trades, show effective setups and teach basic concepts from the world of finance! Our YouTube has become an aggregator of knowledge, which has no analogues.

Let's raise a glass to our common successes in 2023 and record new goals for 2024! In 2024 we are not just planning to continue, we are preparing for the realization of the most grandiose projects in the history of our community.


⁃ Launch of a European investment fund, the goal of which is $100 million per year!

⁃ Launching several IT products on the market.

⁃ Expansion of the product line.

If you want to become financially independent, it's time to start acting! We are here to support you every step of the way by providing knowledge, tools and a community that will inspire you to grow and reach new heights. We look forward to seeing you at Cryptology - let's grow and reach new heights together!

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Cryptology.Key News
Cryptology - pouches of fate, marvel at 2023 in numbers
Cryptology.Key News
Cryptology - pouches of fate, marvel at 2023 in numbers
2023 is slowly coming to an end, so it's time to look back and appreciate the journey we've come so far. 2023 will definitely be remembered as a year of significant growth and great challenges. Let's look at this year in numbers!
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